Tips To Use When You Are Interviewed For A Construction Job

There is currently a skills shortage in the UK construction industry (further reading also here: but that doesn’t mean jobs are any easier to acquire. You still need to have a level of competence and put yourself over well at an interview.

Interviewing that occurs in the building and construction sectors to secure construction jobs can be unique when compared to other types of industries. The construction industry usually involves that a decision will be made at the same time as the interview and when looking for a construction job you must be ready to agree on a settlement offer at your very first meeting.

When you attend an interview in the construction trade it is ideal that you treat this as a crucial advancement step in your career. It is unwise to think that it is always a possibility that you will instantly be recognised for your competence and abilities, or that you won’t have to sell yourself in order to survive the interview. In the competitive workplace today it has become almost an impossibility to further your career in construction without finding out the correct tactics for interviewing. With each step up a corporate-ladder there will be job evaluations along with construction interviews that will decide on who should be staying where they are and who should be moving up.

The goal behind construction interviews is to secure a job offer in construction that is acceptable to you. Remember that job interviews for other reasons are not worth the risk of being exposed if you happen to be employed already. This can damage your current reputation when you are observed as using this external offer in order to progress your career in construction internally. Or you are seen as using the interview to benefit from the information related to external pay.

If you happen to be interested in finding out about other types of job opportunities or other firms, there are far easier and safer methods in which to do this. If you have any concerns you can discuss this with the construction headhunters or construction recruiters. If you have made the decision to hand over your resume in construction for the purpose of an interview you have made the decision to be successful at the interview and receive an offer that is acceptable for the construction job.

As with most success, securing a job at an interview is associated with being prepared. This involves learning and developing the skills required to operate under various circumstances and often different personalities. Avoid placing yourself in a negative situation by going into an interview just to find out more about the vacancy in construction. Before an interview you should have conducted your own research of what will be required of you. Always keep in mind that the principle of submitting a resume in construction is to get job interviews. The goal behind the interview is to receive an offer. Once you have an offer on the table then you are in a stronger position to negotiate better terms should you wish.

We wish you all the best whatever your career aspirations. Good luck!

If you do land a job, be sure you don’t lose by doing any similar fails in the video below!


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